Saturday, 24 March 2012

Styles I love

#1 - Lady Gaga, of course!

Okay, I don't like every outfit she's worn but it's safe to say she's gone where a lot of other celebs wouldn't dare go. This free bitch OWNS leather & studs, they're just her thing. But my favourite statement piece of hers is her hair.

(One of my favourite looks from her early 'Fame' days.) It's probably safe to say I prefer most of her 'natural/normal' look as opposed to her wilder ones like the meat dress (fabulous it remains though)

SHOES. She's always wearing a pair of heels, these styles along with the ones below are my favourite. So unique and unbelievably hot!
Another thing I love is her make up, especially that of the 'Judas' video. I try and try to get it right but sadly I can't!
The whole look from Judas is magnificent, I adore it.
One last thing, to stop this post from becoming infinitely long, I will say I LOVE Gaga's ability to look like 1000 different people by just changing her hair, make-up and clothes. She's just brilliant.

R xo

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  1. I just cannot imagine walking on those high heels..I wonder how lady Gaga can manage them!!

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